Slattery Builders will build in the counties shown in color above.  


Slattery Builders builds new custom homes on our customers land throughout most of Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio.  We build homes in the country, city, suburbs, and typically we build farther out than most builders.  We are a design, build custom home builder.  We work with you from the very beginning, through the design of blueprints, to the final construction of your new home.  We know the importance of having a clear understanding of costs when building a home, which is why we are transparent and up front from the beginning of the project to bring your custom home in on time and on budget.  

Have questions about building and purchasing land?  You are not alone,  below are some of the most asked questions we get from all our clients.  Click on the plus sign for the answer to drop down.  

Will you build from my plans?

Yes, we build exactly what you want, right where you want it.  Go ahead and set up an appointment and show us your ideas.  We will turn your thoughts into your home.  

What if we don't have a floor plan in mind?

We have over 50 floor plans at at our design center with different styles and different layouts.  The best way is to sit down with us and determine what type of home is the best for you and your family.  

How do I know if you can build on my land?

We offer a free home site evaluation.  If you own a piece of land or are trying to decide if you should make an offer to purchase, we will come evaluate your property to make sure the Slattery home you are wanting can be built on that property.  Sometimes the property will need soil testing to make sure it is buildable and we will help you know what steps to take to accomplish this.  

How long will the building process take?

This is an important question when looking for a builder to build your new home.

Slattery Builders provides an online customer toolbox for each homeowner.  In the toolbox you are able to see the daily log sheet, we show photo’s of your home being built, and a message center where you can send messages directly to the builder.  This program will show how the process of the home is moving along and will show you when you need your items for your house to be selected so there are no hold ups.  Every home varies due to weather or customization.  Call  Slattery Builders today for more information.

What makes Slattery Builders different than other home building companies?

Slattery Builders is a professional company running a hands on full service home building program.  We believe in the keywords commitment, quality, and satisfaction.  At Slattery Builders, customer service is our number one priority.  We build every home like it’s our own, and we are only satisfied with the best results.  A builder you can trust, a builder who cares, and a builder with the best results.