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What does “Home Vision” mean?

The first step in defining your dream home is seeing the VISION!  To see the vision start by asking yourself some questions.

What is your architectual style?

Where will your dream home be located?

What is your dream home?

What size of home does your family need?

What is important to you in a home?

Once you discover your vision in a home we’ll help you reach it step by step.  From buying the land, defining your budget, and choosing your home, Slattery Builders will make sure the end result is all about you, your style, and your VISION!

Do I have choices in my design selections?

Everyone has a different sense of how their home should look.  Slattery Builders has created a one stop selection center.  You are able to choose flooring, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures and so much more for your new home.  We want to make sure that you have many options in personalizing your home and making it unique to you and your style.  You are able to make all your selections and see how the colors work together.

How will I know what is coming up in each phase of the construction process?

There are a lot of important decisions you will need to make from time to time.  That is why we offer secure, online access to your own web page with all the details of your new home.  You will be able to track photo’s that Slattery Builders provide through the construction process, view and approve change orders and selections as well as access to important documents.  From online warranty claims to online messaging system, you can easily communicate with our team 24/7  no matter if you are at home, work, or even on vacation.

How long will the building process take?

This is an important question when looking for a builder to build your new home.

Slattery Builders provides an online customer toolbox for each homeowner.  In the toolbox you are able to see the daily log sheet from a project manager, photo’s of your home being built, a message center where you can send messages directly to the builder or staff member.  This program will show how the process of the home is moving along and will show you when you need your items for your house to be selected so there are no hold ups.  Every home varies due to weather or customization.  Call  Slattery Builders today for more information.

Who will oversee the construction of our home?

Troy Slattery the owner is your Project Manager.   He oversees all contractors performing work on your new home and is available to keep the lines of communication open.  Not only do you have him as your project manager, when you build with Slattery Builders we have a detailed online access to all areas of your home construction.  Slattery Builders is always available throughout the process to answer questions, address any concerns, and keep you informed of your home’s progress.

What makes Slattery Builders different than other home building companies?

Slattery Builders has a professional amazing staff running a hands on full service home building program.  We believe in the keywords commitment, quality, and satisfaction.  At Slattery Builders, customer service is our number one priority.  We build every home like it’s our own, and we are only satisfied with the best results.  This type of question is so important to us, we even have a detailed explaination under the Slattery Difference located in our website.  A builder you can trust, a builder who cares, and a builder with the best results.